Rant about Fake People & Social Media

Something I always found hard to fathom are people who never change after high school.

You know what I mean, you could have been friends with someone and somehow things went wrong. In my case I was friends with very arrogant people. Those people cared far too much about their “image”, especially online. If you didn’t help them boost their “image” they didn’t see you as a helpful friend.

So anyways, that’s what happened. I was friends with a pair of people and they cut me off because I was too odd for them. I resented them for it, I thought they really were my friends. Anyhow about two years later one of them, the girl caught me on our college campus one day and started to try and catch up with me. I didn’t really see anything wrong with that, if she wanted to make peace then I was okay with that. I was talking about college and my boyfriend. She immediately cut me off and started to talk about a girl from high school that unfollowed her on some site and how foul she was.


Here we are in college and she’s still rambling on about highschool drama. I didn’t even know what to say back to her. I politely ended the conversation when my boyfriend showed up and she seemed not to have a problem with me anymore. When I got home I followed her on instagram because I noticed she liked one of my pictures.

It seems that was probably an accident on her part because she never followed me back.

So I eventually unfollowed her and realized she was still rather two faced and I shouldn’t talk to her again. Other than a few rare encounters/sightings in our small town, I never talked to her again. She is still friends with the other guy that was once my friend. They both to this day still take far too many “artistic” and posed photos for likes. And both pretend to be politically correct even thought they can’t get even along with their neighbors.

What baffles me is this, how can you go throughout your life with the same stupid mindset? 

Why does social media matter so much to some people? Why do they let likes determine their worth? Why do they close themselves off to people who aren’t picture perfect? Why do they waste perfectly good days behind a camera posing? Why don’t they live in the moment instead of creating false ones? Do they know there is more to life than carrying around props for “photoshoots” as if it were a job? Do they know how to create anything real?

I don’t think they do. I wonder why people let themselves get sucked into this. There’s nothing wrong with a good picture. But when you become a slave to likes and social media. That’s sad. I’m glad I left that mindset behind in high school.

-The Broke Artist


One thought on “Rant about Fake People & Social Media

  1. I really enjoyed reading this as I find it very relatable. I left my old school around 4 years ago and I’ve changed a lot since then but whenever I see old school friends, they seem no different and it’s quite unnerving that they haven’t changed at all!

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