Why the phrase “The Other Woman” gets under my skin

First a disclaimer, no I wasn’t cheated on. I’m just very strong with my opinion of right and wrong. With that said I really hate when songs, artwork or media in general refer to the accomplice of a cheater as “The Other Woman.” Woman is too kind a word. Also this can apply to all genders so why isn’t there the saying “The Other Man?”

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I have to admit that this phrase is the only one that can be used. For example if a person is deceived, led to believe they are the only one or that their lover has left their partner. Then fine! It’s totally appropriate. People can and will be deceived in this world for as long as it exists.

What I’m talking about are women or men who knowingly help a person cheat on their significant other. Oh wait, that’s not a woman or man. That’s human scum. Being a person that has a very clear view of right and wrong I can not imagine what goes on in the heads of people that allow themselves to be used in such a manner. What can you get from it? A moments satisfaction? Does it boost their ego?

The real question is: is it even worth it? Not all people leave the relationship when cheating occurs. When that is the case how does it feel? To have been used for a bit of fun and then tossed to the side? To see someone return to the person they see as their partner and be left in the dust? A memory that reminds them of hurting the person they were supposed to be devoted to. Not a fond memory.

But what about when they do choose the other person, their cheating accomplice? You might be thinking “Then they won right?” But the answer is no. Cheating is never an option in my head. Cheating hurts people and makes things messy. Say you are the other person and you win so to speak. What are you really winning? A person that has cheated on their significant other. You are winning the paranoia that your new partner might cheat on you also. You are winning the terrible true story of how you and your new person got together.

The only thing that I can conclude is that this is a lose-lose situation. Because “The Other Woman” excuse me, “The Human Scum” is choosing someone that lies, is untrustworthy and in the end is reckless with the feelings of others. And the truth is that they don’t know if they will be chosen back. Mentally I am sure this is not healthy for anyone involved, especially the victim of said cheating. Someone who assists in cheating doesn’t deserve the title of “Woman” and can be any gender for that matter. That’s why I hate the use and glorification of the phrase “The Other Woman.”

-The Broke Artist


2 thoughts on “Why the phrase “The Other Woman” gets under my skin

  1. I agree. I have been cheated on and the betrayal of trust is so crushing, it’s hard to describe. People in general should not help cheaters cheat but I get especially riled up when women stab other women in the back by knowingly taking up with a man who’s married or otherwise taken.

    Good post!

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    1. Thank you! I’m sorry that you’ve had to deal with this, I wrote this out of anger because people like that rile me up also! People are so wild, it’s crazy that some have no regards towards other’s feelings. But thank you again for your kind words regarding my writing!

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